World Cup Gold Medallists!

Spelthorne Gymnastics triumphs for the second time in as many months at a major international acrobatic gymnastics event.

A group of 35 gymnasts travelled to Belgium to compete in the Flanders International Acro Cup and World Cup 2018.

The pressure was on the team who ranged in age from 9 years to 22 years as they had a mountain of expectation on their shoulders having dominated in the previous international event.

The partnerships in the 11-16 age group were first up to start the demonstration of quality gymnastics from Spelthorne. Having three sets of partnerships in some categories, the Spelthorne members not only had to compete against other nations but also amongst themselves. Nobody disappointed.

The smallest mixed pair in the 11-16 age group, Ethan Law and Ruby Bird, finished in a great third place given that they were the youngest in their age category.

Andrew Morris-Hunt and Archie Collier, Spelthorne’s 11-16 age group men’s pair beat off tough competition from Russia to finish in the Silver medal position after a close fight with Israel.

Other countries had to battle it out with in the women's pair competition with two partnerships from Spelthorne, but the pairings of Abbey Wilkinson and Hannah Exon, and Sasha Carpenter and Poppy Yates won out by finishing second and first respectively.

Three trios in the women's group category represented Spelthorne well. Kitty Xiberras , Amarni Egbor and Lexi Biddle having only recently moved to this category, put in two steady and well performed routines finishing in a creditable 17th place out of 47. Ellie Simmons, Jolie Bulman and Zemirah Dubery-Coupe stepped up from their last international event to the silver medal position, and gold went to Katie Blackford, Saskia Hobbs and Maddie Wells to add to their international collection. 

The final event in this age group continued the domination by Spelthorne with the men’s groups of Jake Turner, Bradley Gold, Jack Clegg and Harry Watson achieving the silver, and Max Crawford, Dan Axford, Jacob Robinson and Cameron Patrick Lothian grabbing the gold medal.

Stepping up an age group to 12-18 years, Spelthorne put on what can only be described as dominant and stunning performances. The mixed pair of Rhys Cowler and Mollie Jaggers topped off their great balance and dynamic routines with a spellbinding and dramatic combined routine capturing the gold medal.

The 12-18 men’s pair of Frazer Windows and Finlay Gray equally placed themselves in contention going into their combined routine. They smashed a brilliant, entertaining and skilful routine to give them the highest score of the whole age group competition and a well-deserved  gold medal.

In the senior mixed pair category, the newly formed partnership of George Lee and Sophie Reynolds held their own to the bronze medal.

Senior Men's Group - Lewis, Conor, Charlie & AdamMoving into the World Cup category were Spelthorne's and Great Britain's Lewis Watts, Conor Sawenko, Charlie Tate and Adam Upcott, who wanted retribution having been beaten by the Israeli group in the last World Cup. Leading going into their final routine, the pressure was on as any slight mistake would take the gold from their hands. The routine wowed the crowd and stunned the judges giving them a well-deserved first place above their Israeli counterparts. 

The club finished with the highest amount of medals of any club or country achieving 6 golds, 4 silvers and 2 bronze medals.

Spelthorne Gymnastics is now taking registrations for new members at their brand new gym, one of the best Acrobatic and Tumbling facilities in the World, which will open in September. 




Flanders International Acro Cup

Our elite acro group are on their way to Belgium to compete in the Flanders International Acro Cup (FIAC), and our senior men's group in the World Cup as part of the British Team.

The competition begins on Friday 7th April at 7am UK time.

Good luck everyone!



Here is the link for live streaming:




Spelthorne Acrobatics Cup - Save The Date!


Fundraising Spring Party at Shepperton Studios

Join us on Saturday 22 April for what is guaranteed to be a fun evening, with all monies raised going to support competing Spelthorne gymnasts. 

The Orangery at Shepperton Studios is a great venue we have used many times before.

Link to book tickets:



Spelthorne Top of Medal Table in Maia


Maia Cup Update!

Stunning routines from Spelthorne gymnasts over the first two days of competition in Portugal. :)

A quick update: the FIG World Cup schedule has not been published, but we can confirm that our Senior Men's Group of Lewis, Conor, Charlie and Adam will be competing their dynamic routine at 18:48 tomorrow (Saturday). They are currently lying in 2nd place after their balance routine earlier today. The final is on Sunday.

Keep up-to-date on our Facebook pages:

Live stream (includes World Cup):




Maia International Acro Cup

This weekend Spelthorne Gymnastics has over 40 gymnasts competing in the prestigious Maia Acro Cup in Portugal.

Follow this link to watch the live stream of the whole competition, kicking off for Spelthorne with George and Sophie's balance routine at 8pm tonight.

Here is the running order. Good luck to all gymnasts and coaches; bring home some medals for Spelthorne!


Acrobatic British Tournament



As Spelthorne Gymnastics Club nears the end of its tenure at the Ashford site and their new world class training facility for Acrobatic Gymnastics nears building completion in Sunbury, the gymnasts too have been building on successes.

The Spelthorne team of twenty-three gymnasts and five coaches travelled to the British Tournament in Acrobatic Gymnastics held in Stoke-on-Trent. Clubs from the width and breadth of the country gathered together in what would be a thrilling and incredibly tight competition for the medals.

The team of gymnasts from Spelthorne Gymnastics ranging in age from ten years through to twenty certainly did not disappoint.

With five partnerships in the 11-16 age group category, the battle was on to see where they would place against tough and quality competition. There were two Men’s Fours representing Spelthorne, a rarity in the country let alone having two men’s groups from one club.

The Men’s Four of Max Crawford, Daniel Axford, Jacob Robinson and Cameron Patrick-Lothian scored impressively in both their balance and dynamic routines scoring 26.600 and 26.450 respectively, putting them in the lead going into the final. The young and newly established Men’s Four of Bradley Gold, Jack Clegg, Jake Turner and Harry Watson certainly were not far behind as they scored 26.250 for a great balance routine and 25.750 for a well fought for dynamic routine in their first national competition. This put the groups into the leading two positions going into the final. Both teams re-performed their dynamic routines for the final and both stepped up a notch to improve their scores. The thrilling outcome was Max, Dan, Jacob and Cameron winning first place with a score of 26.500 and Bradley, Jack, Jake and Harry not far behind with 25.900.

It’s always good to start with such great success for the club but also tempestuous for the remaining gymnasts to perform. Would the gymnasts live up to the good start?

Next up for the club were 11-16 Women’s Pair of Sasha Carpenter and Poppy Yates, an energetic and lively pair who managed to keep control of their nerves to perform two well danced routines mixed with their intricate balances and somersaulting elements. With scores of 27.800 for their balance show and 27.950 for their dynamic routine, they too went into the final in first place. The competition is so tight in this category that any slight wobble or show of nerves could take them out of the medals in the final. However, there was not a flicker of nerves as their personalities shone through, scoring a great 27.950, way ahead of the opposition for a further gold medal for Spelthorne.

The young and skilled 11-16 Men’s Pair of Andrew Morris-Hunt and Archie Collier readied themselves to try and stave off their competition and continue the success for the club. Performing their balance routine first they scored an impressive 28.150 for a show of great quality. Equally they showed a well-controlled dynamic routine with a score of 27.200 to enter the final in first place. Enjoying their performance and engaging the crowd, they hit their finals routine cleanly to score 27.700.

In this age group the club’s final representatives of Saskia Hobbs, Katie Blackford and Maddison Wells again faced fierce competition and the competition could not have been tighter after scoring 27.450 for an energetic balance routine and a vivacious dynamic performance scoring 27.100, placing them in a close second place going into the final. The pressure was on them to pull a special performance out of the bag for their finals routine. This is exactly what they managed, scoring a great 28.350 and another gold was in the bag for the Spelthorne club.

With four first and one second place in the age group, the club didn’t just achieve four golds and a silver but also all five partnerships selected into the national squad and four of the five guaranteed a place in the forthcoming European Championships Selection.

The competition was not over as the next partnerships in the 12-18 and Senior categories prepared themselves for increased difficulty of skills and more intricate gymnastics.

The Mixed Pair of Rhys Cowler and Mollie Jaggers faced tough competition within a category that could have gone either way. Performing a beautiful balance routine that enthralled the audience, they scored a commendable 27.750, winning in the artistry side of the score but a slight wobble, left them in overall second after one routine. Again showing their great performance ability for a score of 27.650 and topping the artistry section in their performance, a small technical error placed them second going into the final. The competition was extremely fierce and highly competitive and whilst the pair undoubtedly showed their impressive ability and potential in their final routine, a nervy second half of the routine meant it wasn’t quite enough to top the medal stand this time, placing second with a score of 26.700.

The Men’s Pair of Frazer Windows and Finlay Gray got off to an adequate start but for a small error in one of their skilful balances, scoring 27.400.  The pair didn’t let this small error deter them for fighting for better performances as they powered dramatically and enthusiastically through their dynamic routine to score a great 27.900 including a new high level somersault element. Having regained their gusto, the boys were ready to leave the best to last, and they certainly did this with a crowd-pleasing performance of dramatic dance and intricate acrobatic skills, resulting in a score of 28.800 and a well-deserved first place.

As the club started with the younger Men’s Fours, they finished with the World and European medallists, the Senior Men’s Group of Lewis Watts, Conor Sawenko, Charlie Tate and Adam Upcott. They started with a balance routine which included a very difficult and challenging starting balance of a one arm handstand poised on top of three men in a tower. Nerves and the inexperience of performing this element in competition lead to them not quite achieving the skill, scoring 24.890. The men have vast experience and gathered themselves together to perform a thrilling and challenging dynamic routine that got the crowd cheering with amazement and a well-deserved score of 29.290. Heading into the final in first place but also being the last routine of the whole competition, the crowd wanted a spectacular end to the day. The men themselves wanted their competition and the enjoyment of the crowd to finish with a crescendo, especially as they had to repeat the failed balance in their first routine. The crowd were on the edge of their seats as the men built the first tower. Successfully completed to the cheer of the crowd and the delight of the boys, the routine gained in energy with difficult dynamic elements. As the whole of the Spelthorne team waited for the last score of the day, to finish a great weekend of success, the highest score of the competition flashed on the scoreboard of 30.200. The competition could not have finished on a higher note.

So for the present generation of gymnasts and those joining the club in the new “Best in Britain” facility, the future looks bright for Spelthorne Gymnastics.



L&G Competition

12 partnerships travelled down to Camberley on Sunday 26th February 2017 to compete in the first competition of the year. A lot of new partnerships, new routines and first time competitors, and we were very proud that every partnership and every gymnast entered from Spelthorne Gymnastics came home with a medal.

Up first were Ben and Lucy competing at Grade 4. Leading up to this competition Ben had broken his hand, and they were unable to train all their moves up until the week before, but both gymnasts performed beautifully and managed to get the Gold medal. Up next were Bella and Carmen, who wiped the floor with an outstanding Grade 4 routine that gave them not only the Gold medal, but the highest score of the morning session! We then had our two Grade 2 Woman’s Pairs compete, Ella and Aimee wowing the crowd with their lively routine giving them the Silver medal, and Evy and Alice just behind them with the Bronze after a little wobble on one of their moves.

In the next session our young Grade 1 partnerships were raring to go. Isabel and Bianca had the audience in awe as they competed their beautiful routine fantastically, wining them the Gold medal. Josh and Sidney having never competed before had everyone’s attention as they showed off their first ever routine gaining them the Gold Medal. Up next was our Grade 3 Woman’s Group, who in a very tough category smiled their way throughout their routine and managed to get the Bronze Medal. Next were Natasha, Kiera and Lily competing at Grade 4, which again was a tough category. After a late start the girls held it together and walked away with the Gold medal. 

In the last session we had our Grade 2 Woman’s Groups and our Grade 3 Woman’s Pairs, both very big categories to compete in, but none of the girls let it worry them. Up first were Layla, Olivia and Abi, who danced their socks off and kept every move still and strong giving them the Bronze medal. Lauren and Taylor, both naturally great performers, had all eyes on them as they strutted round the floor winning them the Bronze medal. Gracie, Valencia and Jessie were up next, and as they performed an outstanding routine they walked away with the Gold medal, and the highest score of the whole competition! Last on the floor were Ruby and Amy who performed beautifully with pointed feet and their heads held high winning them the Gold medal.

A fantastic day for all the Gymnasts. 



Debenture Seats at New Gym

Dear Members, Old Members, Family & Friends,

We are very excited to offer you the opportunity to purchase debenture seats in the tiered seating stand at our new gym. 

Please visit our DOWNLOADS section to view the Flyer for more information and details on how to purchase a debenture.