Bob Cooper

Alison Cooper

David Rigney

Virginia Lara

Mary Crocker




Alison Cooper    Bob Cooper
Bob & Alison have over 20 years' coaching experience and are well known and respected throughout the world of Acrobatics. They have worked for British Gymnastics as National Tumbling and Acrobatic Coaches taking teams to World and European Championships and have produced many Senior & Junior World Champions for Spelthorne and Great Britain. They hold 5 National titles each (Bob in Mixed Pairs and Alison in Women's Pairs) and as former gymnasts won medals at World and European Championships. Both Bob & Alison are International Performance Coaches and are holders of the British Gymnastics Master of Sport and British Gymnastics Master Coach Awards. More recently they have assisted coaching the USA National Team whilst spending time abroad.



Adam McAssey
Adam has over 13 years' coaching experience and has had numerous partnerships achieving World and European Championship medals. He is the current coach to the 2 times World and European Men’s Group champions and current Senior bronze medalist from the 2016 World Championships. He was also coach to the Junior European Champions for both Men’s Pair and Men’s Group in 2013. Adam has been lucky enough to be selected as a gymnast from 2003 and then as a coach from 2013 to attend every European and World Championships.

As a former international gymnast in Men’s Groups and Men’s Pairs he became Junior World Champion in 2006, and was a World Senior bronze medalist in 2008 before becoming Senior World Champion in 2010. He also placed 2nd in the Senior World Championships in 2012 as a Men’s Pair. Adam is 3 times Junior British Champion and 5 times Senior British Champion and was also one of the original members of Spelbound.



Melanie Gray
Melanie has been the welfare officer for the past 4 years and has qualifications in both safeguarding and child protection. She is a qualified primary school teacher and currently works full time at Spelthorne Gymnastics as the Public Relations and Welfare Manger. Melanie has been involved with the club for over 11 years supporting her son who is part of the Elite Acrobatic Squad.





Leighanne Cowler
Leighanne is the Operations Manager and also the Head Coach for NDP level gymnastics. She was a member of 'Spelbound' and has been training as a gymnast since she was 2 years old! She was the 2009 Junior British Champion in Women's Groups and was part of the Acrobatic Team representing Great Britain at the European Championships in October 2009 and the World Championships in July 2010. Leighanne began coaching as an assistant at the very young age of 12 and has gained experience working at many different Clubs. She is a Level 3 Coach in Acrobatics. She is also a Level 2 Coach in Pre-School Gymnastics and Cheerleading, and she has a First Diploma in Sport and Exercise Science. Leighanne coaches over half of the current 750 gymnasts in the club.



Ellie Cooper
Ellie is the Head Choreographer for the Club. She is a former International performer in women's groups and women's pairs. She placed 2nd in the World Junior Acrobatics Championships in 2004 and 2006 and was British Junior Champion and British Schools Champion. Ellie trained in dance at Laines Theatre Arts in Epsom, Surrey and spent one year at the Orange County High School of the Arts in Los Angeles, California studying commercial dance. She was also a member of the Cheerleading and Dance Team at Capistrano Valley High School, Orange County, California and a member of 'Orange Crush' cheerleading team where she competed at the California State Championships at Universal Studios. She is a Level 3 Coach in Acrobatics and is also qualified to judge at regional level.



Keri Llewellyn
As a gymnast Keri trained in both Tumbling and in Acrobatic Gymnastics as a base of a mixed pair, becoming British Junior Champion in both. Keri represented Great Britain in numerous international events as well as the World Championships in 1990. He was the first gymnast in Western Europe to successfully complete the triple back somersault in competition.

As a coach Keri has tutored numerous British National Development Plan Champions, many of which went on to become Great Britain representatives. He was coach to the 2010 11-16 Age Group World Champions as well as the 2014 World Championship Senior Men’s Pairs Bronze Medalists.




Trudie Warman








Sofia Angelova

Sofi is well known for being one of the best Choreographers in the world for Acrobatic Gymnastics. She is professional in her work and produces some of the most artistic and unusual routines. She has many years experience not only in Acrobatics but also with Rhythmic and Artistic Gymnastics as well as Figure Skating. Sofi worked as Choreographer to the Bulgarian National Team from 1985-2000 and now works independently for their National Team and at CSKA Sports School in Sofia. Alongside this she works with the Bulgarian Figure Skating Team.

Sofi has worked with Spelthorne Gymnastics since 1988 and has produced many World medal winning routines.



Kim Blacklock
Kim is a keen, enthusiastic and committed coach with a real love for the sport of acrobatic gymnastics – she coaches NDP levels in the Spelthorne Grades Group.  She is a level 4 acro coach with loads of experience from several different clubs, including her own club Trust, now run by daughter Grace. She has trained many NDP British medallists and champions, British Schools Champions and has been involved in both club and school level gymnastics for many years. She is also a National  Judge.

Kim has a degree in Psychology and works full time, as a teacher, in a local Primary School. She is known for her nurturing role in the gym, having been ‘second mum’ to many gymnasts over the years. Her own daughter Grace Blacklock, was a senior GB representative for 6 years, achieving a World Silver medal in 2010. She has had the privilege of working alongside many brilliant coaches over the years and is thrilled to be part of the Spelthorne coaching team.




Keri Burgess
Keri trained as an artistic gymnast for 10 years before she got married and had 5 children. She is a Level 3 Pre-School Coach, a Level 2 General Coach and a Level 1 Artistic Coach. Keri has tremendous patience and enjoys working with children of all ages especially teaching the Pre-School Classes. She also is in charge of all the Intermediate and Pre-Advanced classes for those children with a little more talent, and generally runs the holiday camps.




Tyler Earle
Tyler specialises in coaching tumbling. He trained at Spelthorne and was a member of the Great Britain Tumbling Squad for four years, competing both Nationally and Internationally. He was British Champion on two occasions and competed in the FIG world tumbling championships in Poland. He has qualifications in Personal Training and Child Protection. 






James Beauchamp
James has been coaching for over 10 years at various clubs in Surrey. He is a level 2 Tumbling Coach, and also has experience teaching pre-school, adults, and special needs children. He is qualified in first aid and child protection, and is looking forward to taking his level 3 coaching course soon.




Hayley Cowler
Hayley has been coaching at Spelthorne for over 4 years and helps with the general classes, mini squads, prep acro and grades group. She was an extremely able acrobatic gymnast and has only recently stopped training. She has also recently completed her level 2 coaching qualification in Acrobatic Gymnastics.




Matt Cooper



Rhys Cowler

Rhys has been coaching for 3 years now with the mini squad and recreational classes. He has a level 1 coaching qualification. He is currently still training many hours a week with his partner Mollie and fits his coaching in around this. Recently he competed at the European Championships for Great Britain in Germany and also the World Championships in China. Rhys also helps with the building maintenance!

Lisha Edghill
Lisha has recently passed her level 1 coaching qualification in Acrobatic Gymnastics. She is a very keen and reliable member of the staff. She will be taking her level 2 course later this year.





Tom Beauchamp
Tom trained as a gymnast and trampolinist for over 10 years before he started coaching at 16 years old. He has coached at multiple clubs in Surrey as well as working at the International Gymnastics Camp, USA. Tom is a level 1 BG coach and also has additional qualifications in gymnastics coaching that he earned whilst working in America.




Beccy West
Beccy discovered gymnastics 2 years ago when her daughters joined an artistic club. Her youngest then moved to acrobatics at Spelthorne a year ago and she continued to coach at both clubs. She has recently passed her level 1 artistic coaching course.





Megan Smith
Megan has been coaching at Spelthorne since September 2015 with our junior elite squad. She has competed in many competitions including becoming British Champion twice and coming 3rd in the European Championships in Germany in 2015. She has just passed her level 1 coaching course in Acrobatic Gymnastics.




George Lee
George currently coaches the NDP level gymnasts alongside Leighanne. He has a level 1 qualification in tumbling and acrobatics. In 2010 he won gold in the grade 5 mixed pair national finals and in 2011 he won gold in elite grade 6 tumbling at the national finals.
He has now turned his attention in training to acrobatics at an international level and currently trains many hours a week with his partner Sophie. They are currently training towards the World Championships in 2018 and the European championships in 2019.




Conor Sawenko
Conor coaches our acro preparation group and has a level 1 coaching qualification in acrobatics. He is currently training as part of the senior men's four with partners Charlie, Lewis and Adam. Together they won the World Age Group championships in 2012 and 2014, and European titles in 2013 and 2015. They also won bronze at their first senior World championships in 2016 in China.






Lucy Bullamore
Lucy has been training with Spelthorne Gymnastics since she was 7 years old and has progressed through the levels from recreational classes to an advanced level. She has been volunteering with recreational classes on a Saturday morning for 8 months and hopes to work towards a coaching qualification in the future. 




Millie Gower
Millie is currently assisting with one of the recreational squads. She has her level 0 coaching qualification and is looking forward to starting her level 1. She used to train in our tumbling squad and has competed in the British Championships and abroad, always bringing home a medal.  




Scarlett Quick
Scarlett is our longest standing assistant! She used to be in our acrobatic squad but decided to volunteer for coaching at the young age of 12. A very dedicated and confident member of our staff, she has her level 0 coaching qualification and is looking forward to starting her level 1. 




Owen Smither
Owen started off volunteering at the age of 13 helping out with the recreational classes. In 2015 he also helped out with our Pre Advanced classes. He is still currently a gymnast training three times a week in the Advanced Group and is looking forward to starting his level 1 general gymnastics qualification




Chris Tierney
Chris is currently assistant coach in the recreational classes. He has his level 0 coaching qualification and is looking forward to starting his level 1. He has been coaching for approximately 2 years. At present he is in the tumbling squad competing nationally last year and hopes to again this year. Before joining the tumbling squad Chris won gold in the National Acro Championship with his partner.  




Jess Biddle
Jess has been working at Spelthorne Gymnastics for about 1 year now with the recreational groups 2 days a week. She is a gymnast in the advanced 2 group and trains 3 times per week. She is looking forward to taking her level 1 coaching exam in the future.





Freya Stieber







Leah Munday
Leah is an ex-gymnast and has competed in many competitions achieving British Champion for 3 years running in rhythmic gymnastics and then changed discipline to acrobatic gymnastics where her trio achieved British Champion for 2 years running. She has represented her country in the European championships where she won a bronze medal in 11-16 women's groups. Leah looks forward to completing her level 1 coaching course.  




Elise Godfrey
Elise is an ex elite gymnast who used to train 8 times a week. She began competing as a top at age 7. She has came second at the British Championships and has been invited to train at the national sports centre with the GB Coaches. She also won a gold in Dallas Texas. She recently stopped training as a gymnast and now uses her experience to coach other gymnasts. She wants to take her level 1 coaching exam soon.




Isabelle Dewey 

Isabelle is a young coach who has been coaching for almost a year now. She coaches 3 recreational classes on a Saturday morning. As an ex tumble she is eager to help around the gym and use her knowledge of gymnastics to help coach the younger gymnasts we have today. She is also looking forward to taking her level 1 in the new year. 

Jake Turner
Jake has been coaching recreational classes for just over a year. Jake  is currently training over 16 hoLefturs a week in the Junior Elite Squad with his Men's four partners Bradley, Jack and Harry. He has won British Champion titles in both acro men's group and Tumbling. He is looking forward to study for his level 1 coaching qualification in the near future.

Sasha Carpenter







Finlay Gray
Finlay has been coaching recreational and minis classes for around a year. He currently trains many hours a week in the Elite group as a men's pair with Frazer. He has won competitions both nationally and internationally and he also won the 2014 men's pair, 11-16 World Championships in Paris. He continues to strive for excellence in both coaching and gymnastics.




Emilija Rudyte
Emilija started coaching in November 2016 and now coaches the acro preparation group 3 times a week. She recently stopped training after achieving both national and international titles, including 3rd in the British Championships 2015 and 2nd in Dallas 2014, and now uses her experience to coach other gymnasts. She looks forward to acquiring her level 1 qualification in the near future.

Frazer Windows










Melanie Grey     James Beauchamp




Samantha Simmons
Samantha qualified as an acrobatic gymnastics club judge in 2013. She has since judged both regional and invitational competitions. This year she is working towards achieving the next level of qualification to become a regional judge. 




Jennie Naish







Jess Biddle







Stacey Wells

Jo Jaggers

Jasmine Harrow