Party Terms and Conditions


a. This is a self-catering VENUE HIRE contract for children’s parties aged 9 and under.
b. There is a maximum 50 children (including birthday child) for a hire charge of £250 (club members £230).
c. To qualify for member’s discount the birthday child must be a Spelthorne Gymnastics member, who is currently paying fees.

a. You are responsible for providing at least two named supervising adults to manage the party and follow the hire of venue rules attached.
b. Your hire includes – 1 hour in the gym (2/3rd designated area with dividing curtain) and a maximum of 45 mins in a party room (dance studio) for you to provide your own food and birthday cake. We provide trestle tables/benches.
c. The extent and type of equipment in the gymnasium may change from time to time.

a. We do not provide refreshments, or accept any liability for accidents.
b. Use of our kitchen facilities are not included. You do have access to water but please bring anything you need to use, including your own jugs/plastic drinking cups/cake knife and plenty of dustbin bags! Our crockery/cutlery is not available for use.

a. Please make sure that you read and sign the ‘Hire of Venue Rules’ attached so that you fully understand your obligations and liabilities when hiring our gymnastics hall as a venue.
b. No outdoor footwear is allowed in the gym. Adults entering the gym will need to leave outdoor footwear in the party room.

a. Please note, that this is a working gymnasium and not a soft play centre, so please make sure the children you are supervising act/play safely.
b. Adults are strictly advised/required not to play on any of the equipment as this is considered to be very dangerous to themselves and the children.
c. Adults are also advised not to encourage or teach children to try skills beyond their (children’s) capabilities.
d. Spelthorne Gymnastics provide a supervisor in the gym hall who will be on hand to answer any questions.

a. You MUST take your entire rubbish home with you. Our bins are not large enough to hold all party waste.

a. Your arrival and set up time begins at the party start time, when you will be allocated one of the studios. You also have a maximum of 10 mins to clear away, wipe tables, mop up, hoover and/or sweep the floor in the party room after your party has finished.

a. Please be aware that you only have 10 minutes tidying up time and you will need to leave the party room
b. You payment covers a maximum of 50 children who will need to sign in on the party day.

a. ALL CHILDREN MUST BE SIGNED IN AND OUT by their own parent or a carer.
b. Any child crawling or walking will be included in the count. Additional children on the day will be charged at £10 per head which must be paid in cash/card before admittance. Please note that if you exceed the maximum by more than 10 guests, we would need advanced notice as an extra coach maybe required.
c. We will provide a ‘sign in’ sheet for your guests (re-stating the rules of the gym). We will direct them to your hired room where they should remove their shoes. Adults who intend to go in the gymnasium will also be asked to leave shoes in the hired room. We will come to collect you and your guests when it is your allotted time in the gymnasium.

Hire of Venue Rules

a. Hiring the facility at Spelthorne Gymnastics for a party is on a “venue” basis and is a supervised but not a structured class.
b. The directors, managers and staff of Spelthorne Gymnastics accept no responsibility for any injuries or losses sustained by participants or supervisors during parties or playtime sessions. It is the responsibility of the supervising adults to ensure that participants work/play within their limits and sensibly, using all equipment in the manner for which it was designed. Any damage caused by miss-use will be charged to the Hirer.
c. There will be at least one qualified coach (who is also a qualified first aider) in attendance to supervise and answer any questions on the safe use of the equipment. It is the sole responsibility of the party organiser (supervising adults) for the actions of ALL children, and ALL adults. We strongly advise that party guests (children) are overseen by both their own parents and the supervising adults.

a. No food or drinks in the gym (this includes baby milk and water for toddlers) and applies to both children and adults. This is to protect the expensive gymnastics equipment from unnecessary damage.
b. Any food and decorations supplied by the party organizer in the party room must be taken down and cleaned away upon leaving. ALL RUBBISH is to be taken home and not left on the premises, car parks or school property. Please do not tie balloons outside the building, or on any of the school fences. Please do not attach banners to the party room walls with sellotape – blu tack only.

a. Please note the following and advise your guests on the invitations:
i. No shoes or jewellery are to be worn in the gym. This is an important safety requirement.
ii. Long hair should be tied up and clothing should be close fitting.
iii. Avoid any clothing that might easily get caught on gymnastic apparatus.

a. Please keep the pit foam in the pit and don’t allow children to tear or pick pieces from the foam cubes.
b. Only 1 child is permitted on the trampoline at a time. This is an important safety issue.
c. All guests should sign in their own children at reception, then remove their shoes in the party room upstairs.
d. Small toys, balls etc should not to be taken up to the trampolines/pit area.
e. Please do not swing on the rope/s.
f. Babies are not allowed on the trampolines or in the pit area.
g. Pushchairs are not permitted in the gym.
h. No nappy changing in the gym – facilities are available in the ladies and gents toilets.
i. No Adults/over 10s can use the equipment.
j. Only the toys/equipment provided each session should be used.
k. Please do not take things from the cupboards or wall bars without asking a member of staff.
l. Do not use the overhead ropes/safety rigs as these need the help of a qualified coach.
m. Please understand that this is for the safety of YOUR child and YOUR guests.

14. Signature
a. I have read and understand all of the above carefully and agree to comply fully.
b. I have read and understood the Hire of Venue Rules.
c. I agree to provide two supervising adults and acknowledge that Spelthorne Gymnastics has no liability for any loss, injury or damage whatsoever and howsoever caused.

15. Cancellation & Refunds
a. There is no charge if you give us a minimum of 4 weeks notice to re-arrange the date of your party provided this only happens once. If this happens a second time it will be treated as a cancellation.
b. Cancellations are non-refundable.