A weekend of medal collecting…

How did you spend your weekend? Maybe finally relaxing after a long week, being lazy and having some down time, meeting friends and family or going out?

None of this was scheduled for our gymnasts! They were as busy as ever, some of our gymnasts headed to Lilleshall for the last bit of training ahead of Europeans this week.. Making sure they have the last bit of training needed to prep them for their routines and the competition nerves that go with competing not only for Spelthorne but for Team GB! We are wishing you all luck and success, we will be following the competition closely this week and will be updating you along the way as always!

For some of our younger members, it was a weekend spent in Southampton, competing at the Mike Walker Invitational.

Satrday morning saw the first of our gymnasts take to the floor and perform their routines, which were a great success..a nice haul of medals for our young gymnasts!

Keira and Thea 3rd
Harley and Amelie 2nd
Jessie and Maisie 1st
Gemma Lucy and Amy-Jules 2nd
Josh and Sidney 1st … not only were they first but with the highest score of the morning with 27.1! Fab result guys!!

Following the success of the morning rounds, our gymnasts competing in the afternoon were ready to shine and increase the medal haul for Spelthorne…

Phoebe Hannah and Abi 2nd
Ella Sara and Chloe 1st
Amber and Natasha 2nd
Olivia and Alice 1st

Nothing seems to be stopping our young stars this weekend, all performing well, clean and beautiful routines. Each showing off their personalty and enthusiasm through the expressive routines.

The success continued on the Sunday, but then again, did we ever doubt they couldn’t? The preparation undertaken by the gymnasts meant they were ready to show off their talent on the floor and whip up the medals!

Emma Isabel and Aimee 3rd
Ruby and Amy 1st
Ethan and Ruby 1st
Abbey and Hannah 1st 
Ellie Jolie and Zemirah 1st ..with another top score of the day- well done girls!


Such fantastic results, so well done to everyone who competed, and also to all the coaches and parents for the support.

Now time to hand over the winning streak to Poland and Europeans.. Good Luck everyone!!



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