Gymnast of the month for December.

Rather than celebrate one gymnast, for December we thought we would celebrate all of our gymnasts who were presented with awards at the Christmas shows. Gymnasts from multiple classes are chosen, not just for their hard work in December, but for the hard work they have put in throughout the year.

It is not an easy decision for the coaches to chose a gymnast, but the winner of the award is a well deserving recipient. So to be recognised at the displays and to share their achievement with everyone seems very fitting.

Congratulations everyone! Below are the categories and the winners:


Hardest Working Gymnast – Advanced Group

Coach: James

This gymnast moved up to the Senior Advanced group earlier in the year and has taken training in her stride. She approaches every training session with a positive attitude and is constantly pushing herself to improve and work at a higher level. She shows a great attitude to all aspects of her training and is a pleasure to teach. The hardest working gymnast of the Advanced Group is: Polina Popovtseva.


Most Improved Gymnast – Preparation Squad

Coach: Hayley

When this person started with us in the Pre-Advanced Group she was not the best in the group, but since then she has shown huge improvement in both her discipline and her gymnastics ability. As a result she was moved to the Preparation Squad where she is continuing to perform well. She always tries her best and always takes correction from the coaches on board. She is a hard worker, always trying to improve herself and rarely misses a training session. This gymnast is: Bella Wigglesworth-Burnes

Hardest Worker – Mini Squad

Coach: Hayley

Since Starting in the Mini Squad this gymnast always has a smile on her face and never misses any sessions. She is keen to learn new skills and is very mature for her age which makes her a great leader for the younger gymnasts in the group. She is a very natural gymnast but also works very hard. This gives her an extremely bright future in gymnastics. All the coaches agree she is a pleasure to teach. This gymnast is: Dollie Holt


Hardest Worker – Club Grades Squad

Coach: Hayley

Since starting in the Club Grades Group a year ago this gymnast has consistently shown a great attitude, always trying her hardest and giving her best. She shows good potential and is eager to learn new things. She is a pleasure to teach and a great role model for other gymnasts in the group. This gymnast is: Theodora Cudlipp


Most improved Gymnast: Junior Grades Group

Coach: Leighanne

This gymnast has not been with us very long. Although he has been without a partner for quite a while he has remained motivated and is showing great maturity in all aspects of his training. His attention to detail in both individual skills and partner work is fantastic. He is a joy to teach and always eager to please. We are looking forward to seeing him develop as a gymnast. All the coaches agree the award for the most improved gymnast from the Junior Grades is: Eddie Wright

Most Improved Tumbler

Coaches: Kath & Rob

This gymnast competed as an NDP 1 level tumbler last year and has made the very difficult step into the FIG ranks in 2018. Over the last 12 months she has learned rows and combinations of whips plus twisting and double somersaults. She has overcome a few injury setbacks but always comes to the gym to work on her strength and flexibility which has contributed greatly to her improvement.The most improved tumbler is: Callie Davies

Hardest Working Tumbler

Coaches: Kath & Rob

This tumbler is one of the most enthusiastic members of the squad and he always puts 100% into his training. His determination & work ethic has really paid off this year. He qualified into his first FIG British Final in September and was selected as a member of the Performance Pathway Squad, following his excellent 4th place at the Spring Event competition. Since moving to Spelthorne he has worked really hard on upgrading his difficulty levels and hopes to perform many of his new skills next year. The Hardest Working Tumbler goes to: Sebastian Freire

Most improved Gymnast -Junior Elite Group

Coach: Leighanne

This gymnast never misses a session. When she was without a partner she remained focused and really used the time to improve all of her individual skills and tumbling. She has now stepped up to the challenge of a higher level and a brand new partnership. She is ready to try any challenge thrown at her and is improving all the time. She is a pleasure to teach and always has a smile on her face. The coaches feel the most improved gymnast in the Junior Elite is Layla Sheehan.

Most Improved Gymnast-  Elite Squad

Coaches: Adam, Keri & Ellie

These gymnasts have shown that constant and consistent effort every day in the gym are the keys to significant improvement. They have shown a great ability to work when coached and the self determination to work independently. When faced with challenges they have continued to give their best and have made improvements in every aspect of their training. This year the Spelthorne Elite Acrobatics Most Improved Award goes to: Jack Lynch and Sophie Reynolds.

Hardest Working Gymnast Acrobatic- Elite Squad

Coaches: Adam, Keri & Ellie

This partnership has only been together for a short period of time and have been preparing for the highest level of competition. They have faced some significant hurdles but have faced them head on with a level of determination that is inspiring to all who work around them. They have worked incredibly hard to achieve some extremely difficult skills despite a number of injury setbacks. They have taken these in their stride and kept looking forward, always working hard in the gym each day. This year the title of Hardest Working Award goes to: Stephanie Ricketts, Scarlett Wright and Mollie Jaggers

Special Achievement Award Acrobatic: Elite Squad

Coaches: Adam, Keri & Ellie

They say that it’s hard to get to the top but it’s even harder to stay there. In 2017, these gymnasts were European Champions in the 11-16 Age Group category. In 2018, they moved from the European to World stage with the confidence of being European Champions but the pressure of wanting to stay on top. At the World Championships in Belgium they competed against 38 other partnerships; significant challenges coming from Russia, China, among others. Their performances showed no signs of stress as they confidently and masterfully competed three excellent routines. Their scores were unbeatable and they became World 11-16 Age Group Champions 2018. This year’s Special Achievement Award goes (again) to: Sasha Carpenter and Poppy Yates.


Congratulations everyone on your efforts this year- roll on 2019 and for more fabulous achievements.

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