How many British Champions??

We cannot stop and be satisfied with just having the “World Champions” title. We wanted to extend our “roll of honour” further by take more elite partnerships to the event and to bring us home more medals… and as usual they did not disappoint!!

Was it the success from the previous week in Poland that spurred on the desire to achieve, or was it just simply that our kids are the best 😛

6 gold medals and 2 silver, could not have gone better! New moves, new routines new age groups since the last British Championships for some too, but it didn’t seem to matter. The gymnasts looked stunning and out shined the rest.

Since the event many have been enjoying the gymnasts routines on social media and only today BGTV shared RHYS AND MOLLIE’S performance on facebook part of #tuesdaymotivation. It cannot just be called a dynamic routine as the dance shines through as much as the difficulty. We love watching them over and over… do you? What do you think of their dynamic routine, are you left speechless too??


Check out the BG Website for another write up and our news page for full results but for now, just enjoy the beautiful Gold winning routines courtesy of BGTV below!



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