What they did next…

Whether or not you enter a sport like gymnastics to proceed with a future career in the field, (or a similar one) many doors can be opened for you, if you are willing to chase your dreams and put in the graft.

Spelthorne gymnastics over the years has been a stepping stone for much talent. Gymnasts have gone on to do great things in their adult lives and careers because of the discipline, training and preparation they have had from a young age.

Some have continued with the sport in the coaching or educational field, others with stunt programmes, television shows such as BGT, performance shows such as Pirates and Cirque.. the list is endless.

Recently Cirque uploaded an interview with a former Spelthorne Gymnast, Ross Gibson. Someone who achieved titles at British, European and World levels in tumbling, and who has gone on to perform with the worldwide success that is Cirque Du Soleil.

Check out the interview below!

And remember you can achieve anything you want, the only thing holding you back is yourself, so go out and do it!


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