Success at the Tumbling Spring Cup!

Our tumblers headed to Telford at the weekend for the Spring Cup.

There were lots of new tumbles being performed for the first time, and the gymnasts moving up to higher age categories.

Caitlyn started the day off very well winning the bronze medal in the very competitive 13-14 age group.

It was a great day all round with Alfred landing his first double somersault in competition!

Skyla, Georgia and Caitlyn all showed off their new skills for 2024.

Day 2 saw another busy day for our tumbling coaches, Rob and Kath.

Megan won the gold medal in the Senior Women’s category.

Corrado gave a good performance & was just outside of the medals in 4th.

James and Natasha both impressively completed their new tumbles.

Well done everyone great start to the season!