Success in Bristol for our NDP Acrobats!

Spelthorne had a very busy weekend in Bristol for the Grades Bristol International Acro Cup, with 71 gymnasts competing

We cam away with 12 Golds, 4 silvers, 3 bronze medals, plus 4 highest scores of the category!

Congratulations to all the gymnasts and coaches, and thank-you to King Edmund for hosting a brilliant competition.


Anya, Abi & Darcie G5 WG
🏆Anya, Abi & Darcie also won the award for the highest G5 score
 Eryn, Zara & Yuna IDP1 WG
🏆Eryn, Zara & Yuna also  won the award for the highest IDP1 score
Huxley & Imogen G1 MXP
🏆Huxley & Imogen also won the award for the highest G1 score
Oskar & Eva Youth MXP
🏆Oskar & Eva also won the award for the highest Youth score.                                                                                              Zofia & Poppy G5 WP
Ethan & Faris G5 MP
Spelthorne got the top 3 G5 scores of the competition
Luke & Ashton G3 MP
Isaac & Dillon G1 MP
 Joel, Reuben, Euan & Joshua G2 MG
Harry & Tommy G4 MP
Emily, Indi & Lottie G2 WG
Zoe, Poppy & Alexandra Youth WG
Amelia & Felicity Youth WP
Jessica, Ava & Coco G4 WG
Eliza, Isabelle & Rio G2 WG
Harry & Diyan Youth MP
Matylda , Ciara, Mia Youth WG
David & Mia G3 MXP
Imogen & Anabelle Youth WP
4th Izzy & Esme G4 WP
4th Amelia & Lena G2 WP
5th Lila, Emma & Mary G2 WG
5th Alice, Matilda & Bay G3 WG
6th Daisy, Elise & Mihaela G5 WG
6th Daisy, Rosie, Sabrina G2 WG
7th Lexie & Lily G3 WP
8th Poppy & Maia G3 WP
11th Tallulah & Liala G3 WP
Amelia & Marta G4 WP, unfortunately suffered an injury, we wish them well.