Turin Acro Cup 2023

Squad 3 travelled to Italy last week for the Turin Acro Cup 2023.

They had a fabulous time in the sunshine and managed to enjoy lots of fun activities, including a shopping trip and of course time by the pool.


The first day of competition the gymnasts all competed in the qualifiers, 4 out of the 5 partnerships made it to the finals, which was a great achievement.


Matylda Zoe and Lucie qualified in 3rd place

Imogen Amelia and Annabelle qualified in 5th place

Poppy Ciara and Marta qualified in 6th place

Harley and Rosie have qualifiers in 4th place.

Elise and Mihaela recovered well from a fall that unfortunately knocked them out of the finals.


Onto the finals are gymnasts performed some fantastic routines, which led to some great results in  highly competitive categories.

Matylda Zoe and Lucie 3rd

Imogen Amelia and Annabelle 5th

Ciara Poppy and Marta 6th

Harley and Rosie 4th


Brilliant memories made, congratulations gymnasts and coaches.