Terms and conditions for regular classes

  1. Trial Class
    1. I agree to my child taking part in a Trial Class with Spelthorne Gymnastics, and understand that, as with any sport, there are possible risks involved.
    2. I note the recommendation of Spelthorne Gymnastics that a parent/carer stays on the premises during the child’s Trial Class.
    3. I note that Spelthorne Gymnastics does not allow parents/carers inside the gymnasium during Trial Classes.
    4. Insurance for one Trial Class is covered by British Gymnastics.
  2. Fees
    1. I agree that, after the trial class, if I would like my child to continue, and before being allowed to participate, I must;
      1. Pay a ‘one off’ fee for the remaining classes in the current month, and;
      2. Pay a membership fee of £10 to Spelthorne Gymnastics, and;
      3. Pay a membership fee and insurance premium to British Gymnastics
    2. I agree that after this initial payment I will be required to set up a direct debit with Spelthorne Gymnastics for monthly payments, in advance, commencing the 1st of the following month.
    3. I note that Direct Debits are payable in 12 equal payments covering 44 weeks training. i.e. an annual fee for 44 weeks training divided into 12 equal payments.
    4. I agree to give 1 months’ notice if my child no longer wishes to attend the class – no refunds are given but 4 weeks may be carried over in certain circumstances.
  3. Insurance
    1. The club is insured through the insurance scheme of British Gymnastics.
    2. I understand that I must register my child with British Gymnastics in order to be insured. I acknowledge that Spelthorne Gymnastics can refuse my child participation until British Gymnastics has issued my child with a BG Membership Number evidencing membership and insurance.
  4. Clothing/Uniform
    1. I understand that proper and safe clothing (a uniform) is compulsory and is available to purchase online from www.elitegymwear.co.uk/Spelthorne
    2. Girls leotards cost approx £30 and boys leotards including shorts are approx £50.
    3. For more information, please take a leaflet from reception.
    4. Squad gymnasts will be given information on their uniform requirements.
  5. General
    1. I understand and accept that there are risks involved when participating in Gymnastics and all sports where height, rotation and motion are involved.
    2. I give permission for photos or other moving images to be used for information or promotional purposes i.e. newspapers/club fliers/club website etc
    3. The club will exercise all reasonable care in the supervision of programmes and requests your co-operation in bringing to its notice any signs of stress or injury, arising from activities within the club.
    4. I note that parents/carers of infant school age children or younger are advised to remain on site.
    5. I note that Spelthorne Gymnastics does not allow parents/carers inside the gymnasium (except for the under 2.5 year olds Parent & Toddler classes) during general training, however, I note that there is a parent viewing day for adults every term, where I can view my child’s usual class to see their progression.
  6. Club Policies, Rules & Code of Conduct
    1. I agree to abide by all of the club rules and codes of conduct for both gymnasts and parents. These can be found on the Spelthorne Gymnastics website, and a copy is available on request.
    2. I have read the code of conduct and agree the points raised therein. I agree that I may have membership terminated if I breach any of the policies, rules or codes of conduct.