Christmas Displays

Somehow it has already been a week since the Christmas displays. Not only was it a busy week leading up to the shows with dress rehearsals, but a busy few months of preparation .. then, it was over just like that! However, thanks to the gymnasts, coaches, support teams, fundraisers, staff and of course the audience we had 5 fab shows.

The shows felt extra special this year, welcoming you all to our new home and putting on our best show yet. We were welcoming new members, new partnerships and new classes, but also saying goodbye to partnerships that have entertained us for many of the previous Christmas displays.

All of our gymnasts from Preschool to Elite took to the floor to dazzle the audience with their routines. This year we had more gymnasts than ever before, due to the rise in membership since the summer (450 more members!)


This year we had a boys squad take to the floor, with around 30 boys showing off their fab routine choreographed by Tom .. they put on a fab pirate themed show for us. It is always lovely to see more and more boys in the club, and now we have a dedicated squad for boys, I’m sure more will want to join!

Alongside the boy’s squad we also had another new class take to the floor. For the first time our special needs gymnasts performed. They wowed the audience with their spine-tingling routine, showing everyone how much they enjoy gymnastics and showing us that gymnastics is for all, that there are no limits to what you can achieve.

For people that have been to previous shows you’ll recognise some of the elite partnerships. Gymnasts that throughout the year compete nationally and internationally to become the best in their field, then at Christmas perform once again to impress the audience.

Frazer and Finlay and Rhys and Mollie, have been wowing Spelthorne’s crowds for many years. Routines allowing us to engage with them, choreography that leaves us speechless, their personalities shining on the floor and showing us they love doing what they do. The skills performed also demonstrating how hard they work day in and day out. Unfortunately, these displays were the last time we will seem these partnerships perform together in displays, they are all moving on and forming new partnerships. So rather than be disheartened we can be excited to see what they will bring us next year. We have very much enjoyed having you entertain us and we wish you luck with your new partnerships- And for world trials next year!! ?

This year we also welcomed new partnerships to the floor, Zoe and Fran and Jack and Sophie and Charlie and Adam. These partnerships have only been matched this year and already they are showing great skill and potential and we are looking forward to seeing their thrilling routines next year!

The feedback we receive from the shows is great to hear, everyone more and more impressed each year with the standard of the performance. Preschoolers kicking it off, then general gymnastic squads of all ages, mini squads, intermediate and the elite. For those gymnasts that train only once a week, it is a chance to demonstrate what they have learnt throughout the year. It is great to see the confidence and progression each year.  Well done to everyone that took part, we hope you enjoyed the shows and much as we did.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

P.s. Keep your eyes peeled as photo’s will be appearing later on in the week 😉


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