Flashback Friday to another Nationals Qualifier!

So, a few weeks ago we gave you all the news and results from the first National Qualifier, a great success for the gymnasts and coaches! This week we are bringing you the inside scoop on everything from the second National Qualifier, which took place last weekend.  We were very lucky to have Paul Watts in attendance too..allowing us to share some great pictures 🙂

For Spelthorne it meant another chance to show off, not just our talented young gymnasts but once again our fab new gym, as we were playing host to round two of the qualifiers- making a nice change for our gymnasts and coaches… no long car journey,  instead on the doorstep this time around.

We are sure the home environment gave an extra little something too, as Spelthorne bagged loads more medals and spots for National Finals:-)

5 more partnerships representing Team Spelthorne: Phoebe and Matylda, Olivia and Alice, Layla Gracie and Taylor, Emma Isabel and Aimee and Ruby and Amy. All of them performed exceptionally, considering some of them are new to the world of Acro Competitions and are competing as new partnerships.

So how did they get on in a jam packed competition, with high numbers of partnerships competing in each category? .. Well they stood their ground of course, gaining multiple medals and multiple personal bests! Well done girls! 🙂

Emma Isabel and Aimee 1st

Ruby and Amy 1st

Olivia and Alice 2nd

Layla Gracie and Taylor 4th

Phoebe and Matylda 7th

By securing gold medals both Emma Isabel and Aimee and Ruby and Amy qualify for finals! Adding to the team that qualified a few weeks back:-)

Next up it is time to turn to our tumblers.. this weekend will be national qualifers for them! Sending lots of good luck your way!!



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