Turning To The Tumbling Team!

So, we are moving away briefly from acro to our tumbling team! Spelthorne’s tumblers headed to Kent on Sunday for their turn to try and nab a spot on the tumble team and for Finals.

We had over 30 gymnasts complete their tumble passes at club and national level. With only one pass of each tumble run there is no room for error, it has to be perfect – and with so many gymnasts competing in each age group the competition was tough! The expectation of gymnasts today is also greater this is due to the increasing popularity in tumbling, the standard has improved and the bar is now set higher – it really does become all or nothing.

However, just like our acrobats our tumblers perform with excellence. Our ever-growing tumble team are improving with skill, confidence and also growing in numbers and making Spelthorne’s name known once more – “SPELTHORNE” – a name to look out for on the track!

We had many medals and personal bests from all of our young stars!

At club level we gained the following medal positions:

?Lila Gold
?Jessica Gold
?Imogen Silver
?Eliza Silver
?Amelia Bronze

Well done girls, and to the rest of the club level team! ?

At national level, we also had a roaring success nabbing more medal positions:

?Jed Gold
?Rafferty Gold
?Daisy Gold
?Emma Gold
?Tom Gold
?Charlotte Gold
?Keira Silver
?Nicola Silver
?Madi Silver
?Keira Silver
?Millie Silver
?Amber Bronze

So many medals and at such a popular competition we could not be more proud of the results and hard work shown from gymnasts and coaches alike! ? We look forward to seeing you all at finals.

P.S. We are still awaiting confirmation for those gymnasts who have qualifiers for the Regional Team Finals, but don’t worry we will let you know as soon as we know? FINGERS CROSSED!


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