We are always sharing news, following competitions with our tumblers and acrobats, but back in the gym we have many more talented gymnasts who work hard and can’t wait to perform. Two groups in particular having been preparing over the last few months for a huge display. A display in London which brings together clubs from across the country, to perform in a huge display to hundreds of people. These gymnasts, enjoy gymnastics but enjoy performing even more. Rather than the pressure of competition, they can show off their gymnastic skills and talent, have a fab day out and perform without being judged!

Our Junior and Senior advanced groups took to the floor with two very different themes. The Junior advance performing to Jai Ho, meaning “let there be victory” in Hindi.. and that there was. The Indian vibes contrasting beautifully with the Spanish/Latin vibes that the Senior advance group brought to the floor.

As mentioned GymFusion, as well as other big displays, takes away the nerves of performing alone or in much smaller groups in competitions. You can enjoy the moment with a team, taking away the pressure and bringing instead the fun. Displays such as these, boost the confidence of our gymnasts and bring the team together. Something our Spelthorne family love… and family it is. Coaches and gymnasts from different groups working together and supporting each other.

Doesn’t it look like these guys are having so much fun!?


If you were wishing you were there to see all of the gymnasts perform but couldn’t make it, do not worry! Luckily we have videos of the performances to share with you… and if you were there and enjoyed it as much as we did, you have it to watch over and over again!

Our Junior Advance team performing to Jai Ho:

Senior Adavcne – Spanish/ Latin Mix

Well done to all gymnasts and coaches!

GymFusion 2019

Congratulations to Junior & Senior Advanced. You made the club and you coaches very proud!! ?

Posted by Spelthorne Gym on Sunday, 12 May 2019

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