More Medals at Worlds!

So last week more of our Spelthorne Superstars were in Belgium to take their turn on the floor. Our 12-18, 13-19 and Senior gymnasts competed at the World Championships. For most of them it was their first time at Worlds, so a huge achievement to have been picked to represent team GB. But an even bigger achievement considering the majority of the partnerships were newly formed. Zoe and Fran, and Saskia, Katie and Mollie have only been competing together in their partnerships for a short time. Not only have they had to learn high difficulty moves, they have also had to learn how to work well with their new partners, not just the dance and synchronisation but also how to support each other in skills.  So a real recognition of their hard work to be picked for the team.

Max, Dan, Jacob and Cameron no strangers to international competitions, competing previously at the World Championships, these boys have shown they mean business too, as current British Champions these young men were also selected to represent team GB. But it didn’t stop there for the boys, we had two more Men’s Pairs selected too, Frazer and Finlay previous 2014 World Champions at 11-16 and now trying their luck in a more difficult 13-19 category. Later in the week the newly formed partnership of Charlie and Adam also competed. Again, no strangers to international competition, or World Championships for that matter. With so many titles to their name as a Men’s Four they were out to prove to the world they could now smash it as a Senior Men’s Pair.

The gymnasts below working hard leading up to Worlds and to Gain a spot on the team:

Podium training went well, a chance to get orientated and seek out the competition. And a competition it was, the company for these gymnasts was nothing short of challenging. With all the other countries giving it everything to challenge team GB. Our gymnasts are professional and are used to pressure so it didn’t bother them, however I am sure it must have brought out some nerves.. it wasn’t just any competition, but a chance to claim the title of World Champion.

First up were our 12-18 Age Group gymnasts. We had a Women’s Pair, Women’s Trio and Men’s Four. Day one saw Zoe and Fran take to the floor with their first routine. They performed a confident and solid routine. Creative choreography and high difficulty sat them placed in the top three! A huge achievement for these two, competing together for a relatively short time, against other’s who are a lot more experienced… It could not have gone better, setting the day up nicely for the rest of GB.

Next up were our Women’s Trio. These three girls have only been together a few months, so to be selected for worlds after such a short time is phenomenal. For these young ladies, not only were they still getting used to their new partnership but also for the top Mollie, she was getting used to the transition of a Mixed Pair Top to a top in a Trio. The girls completed a clean routine, it was highly emotive and artistic. A performance to be proud of.

Next up were the boys.. first of all our Men’s Four. Competing previously at 11-16 in the World Championships they also have recently transitioned to 12-18, a more difficult age category. These boys are still very young in their age group, and were up against more experienced gymnasts. This didn’t stop them placing in the top 3 either after their first routine! Well Done boys!

Finally, after a long wait Frazer and Finlay were up, again these boys have increased their difficulty. Winning Worlds in 2014 at 11-16, they have been continually moving up the ranks and increasing their difficulty to be able to compete in the 13-19 Age Group category. A strong first dynamic routine also putting the boys in the top three.

Day two and the second routines for each partnership. Finally, first day nerves were over and they could concentrate on the task in hand, competing another clean routine to try and earn a spot in the finals. Not an easy task ahead with the talent and experience from across the world constantly on their tails.

The boys and girls definitely stepped up the mark with their second routines. All of our boys continued with the success of day one and competed clean routines to earn a spot in finals! Our girls also performed well, Zoe and Fran danced a stunning upbeat and dynamic routine to gain a spot in the finals too. Our Women’s Trio, danced outstanding in their balance routine. However talent from the rest of the world, showing slightly more difficulty, pushed the girls out of the running for finals. Nothing to be disheartened by at all, to make the team was a huge achievement in itself, so congratulations girls on doing your part for GB. We are proud of you all.

First up at the beginning of the week we had the finals for our 12-18 stars. Our Women’s Pair and Men’s Four. A dramatically beautiful combined routine to Christina Aguilera, from our girls stormed them to the top.. they finished with the same score as Russia 28.100! With a slightly lower execution score they had to settle for Silver. What an incredible achievement for these two, performing together for only a few months, building up difficulty and polishing their routines to grace the World stage and take the title of medallists at the World Acrobatic Championships!

It was not only the girls who brought us home some medals, the boys also did.

A medley of upbeat disco tracks was the medal winning routine for our Men’s Four too. The crowd and judges obviously enjoyed the routine as much as we did. A score of 27.340 putting them only slightly behind Russia. Let us not forget, these boys did not have the same high difficulty score as the Russians. These boys still have a lot more to give. So to be the young ones in their category, to earn a silver medal and still have a lot more to give, this excites us!

Finally, Frazer and Finally. We love watching these two, a partnership that has grown and developed over many years. A Gold Medal at Worlds in 2014, back when the club was in it’s redevelopment process, and when the boys were only just starting out in their career. To continually bag more medals and titles nationally and internationally, to continue to make us smile with entertaining routines, dance with charisma and style to gain their final medal as a Men’s Pair. A World Bronze medal at 13-19, Congratulations boys!!

Now time to pass the finals over to our dynamic duo in the Senior Category. Competing on the weekend their combined routine. These boys have just transitioned from a Men’s Four to a Men’s Pair. A difficult transition for both, Charlie having to take the strength of three bases to withhold the balancing pro that is Adam. The category was tough, experienced gymnasts tried their best to challenge our boys, but not all of them could get past our previous world champions. The boys finished the championships off with a bronze medal. A huge congratulations, we are excited with what is to come from these two.. if they can achieve this status after a few months, who knows what is to come?

Overall a hugely successful competition for Spelthorne and Team GB, 11-16, 12-18, 13-19 and Senior World Champions and Medallists. We could not be prouder to have you all with us at Spelthorne, working as hard as you do, doing what you love and showing not just the UK but the World, that Spelthorne are ones to watch!!

Here are our stars in action competing their fab routines:

As well as competing, Spelthorne gymnasts like to have fun with the rest of team GB… it is not all about the hard work, it is about taking the time to have fun too! 🙂


Well done to all of you once again!


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