Our Grades squad dominate at L&G

Last weekend our young acrobats experienced their first competition of the year, L&G invitational. These young gymnasts have been working hard for many months now, preparing new routines and working on perfecting moves for the competition season. L&G was the perfect opener for them, a friendly, relaxed competition atmosphere to start the year.

Although still young, they are a mighty Grades squad.. over 40 gymnasts travelled with Leighanne and Hayley to compete, and for a few of them, their very first Acro competition. Each and every partnership performed well. Clean and solid routines.. a great way to start off their competition season, hopefully a small snippet of what is to come for these young hopefuls.

The competition was split into different NDP levels, from Grade 1 upwards, and across the disciplines we had many partnerships in the different categories perform exceptionally well.

The morning round saw many medals of many colours and also a highest score achievement of the morning rounds. Well done to everyone who competed in the morning!!

Nicola and Kenna 3rd?
Aimee Alice and Daisy 3rd?
Amber and Emma 2nd ?
Abi Lucy and Cassie 2nd ?
Eddie and Madison 1st ?
Hannah and Jessie 1st ?

With a special mention to Hannah and Jessie for getting the highest score of the morning. ?

Next up we had 18 more gymnasts try their luck on the competition floor. Another set of clean routines and polished moves meant we came home with more medals, in fact each and every one of the 18 gymnasts came home with a medal!

Emma and Maisie 3rd ?
Keira and Thea 2nd ?
Gracie, Olivia and Poppy 2nd ?
Isabel, Emma and Emily 1st ?
Harry and Evie 1st ?
Henry and Casey 1st ?
Owen, Josh, Ethan and Sidney 1st ?

With another special mention to Harry and Evie for getting the highest score of the round!!! ?

Our final round of the afternoon saw another 9 gymnasts compete. The sea of blue and pink leotards dominated the competition arena once again, sparkles all around… not just the leotards but the 9 more medals that were earned.

Sophia and Shayla 2nd ?
Harry and Albert 1st ?
Zara Lauryn and Ava 1st ?
Natasha and Emily 1st ?

With yet another special mention to Natasha and Emily who got the highest score of the final round!

A huge congratulations to all of the gymnasts and coaches, it seems throughout every level from prep to elite we are dominating the floor. Our young gymnasts show their maturity and preparation. Their hard work and determination throughout every training session, shows when taking to the competition floor.

Join us again in the week for the results of this weeks competition… back to the tumblers!


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