Spelthorne Sports Awards 2018

Spelthorne gymnasts gain recognition outside the gymnastics world! 


It is rare that the sport of Acrobatic Gymnastics is recognised outside of the gymnastics fraternity.  The sport constantly battling for recognition against the other gymnast disciplines, hence why we are so pleased to have attended the 2018 Spelthorne Sports Awards organised by Spelthorne Borough Council and held at the Orangery at Shepperton Studios. 

With so many achievements accomplished by all the elite acrobats in the last year at various national and international events, it was difficult to find a category to nominate all partnerships individually, so in the end we wanted to recognise everyone.  We entered the Young Sports Team of the Year and Sports Team of the Year award category. 


Young Sports Team of the Year 2017-2018 

  • Abbey Wilkinson 
  • Hannah Exon 
  • Ethan Law 
  • Ruby Bird 
  • Bradley Gold 
  • Jake Clegg 
  • Jake Turner 
  • Harry Watson 
  • Ellie Simmons 
  • Jolie Bulman 
  • Zemirah Dubery Coupe 
  • Andrew Morris Hunt 
  • Archie Collier 
  • Sasha Carpenter 
  • Poppy Yates 
  • Francesca Turner 
  • Zoe Shubert 
  • Katie Blackford
  • Saskia Hobbs
  • Mollie Jaggers
  • Max Crawford 
  • Daniel Axford 
  • Jacob Robinson 
  • Cameron Patrick Lothian 
  • Jack Lynch 
  • Sophie Reynolds 
  • Frazer Windows 
  • Finlay Gray 

Senior Sports Team of the Year 2017-2018 

  • Charlie Tate 
  • Adam Upcott 

With the dignitaries and VIP’s giving the speeches for the multitude of awards, ranging from: “volunteer of the year” to “special recognition award” it was fair to say we were amongst established and high achieving sportsmen and women from across the borough. 

An inspirational speech was given by Deborah Flood, Olympic Silver Medallist with the message of (PRIDE) Personal Responsibility IDelivering Excellence. It was a great experience for our young gymnasts, to listen to such words of wisdom and we hope they have learnt something from such a high-level athlete, who also walked the same journey as our achieving gymnasts. 

It was a two in the row winning announcement for gymnasts being recognised and awarded both the Young Sports Team of the Year and Senior Sports Team of the Year. We could not be prouder of the result, recognition from outside of the gymnastic community, for these young stars who dedicate their lives to something they love. 

Congratulations once again to all of our gymnasts, coaches, choreographers and the hard working staff and volunteers who all have played a part in the success of our gymnasts. 


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