28 gymnasts and 28 medals!

Last weekend our young stars headed to Hastings with their coaches, Leighanne and Hayley. It might only be March, but already our young acrobats were taking part in their third comp of the year!

With a friendly start to the year competing at L&G, then a home crowd at the Spelthorne Acro Cup, our gymnasts are now settling into competition mode. Less nerves, more repetition and more success.

The competition was an out of age competition for our grade 1, grade 2 and grade 3 gymnasts. It is great to have so many competitions back to back, it makes the gymnasts more confident and at ease with different judges, new floor orientations and also gives them a chance to better on small errors or stumbles that previously may have happened.

Yet again our sea of pink dominated the competition and made Spelthorne very proud, continuing to improve with confidence and performance, resulting it higher scores and results all around. Beautifully choreographed routines, highlighting each gymnasts individual ability, strengths and personality …Resulting in a hit with the judges.

This time we had 28 gymnasts compete and 28 medals gained!! Definitely a great result!!


Gracie Harley and Eliza 3rd ?
Aimee Alice and Daisy 2nd ?
Lucy Abi and Cassie 1st ?
Harry and Albert 1st ?
Harry and Evie 1st ?
Marcus, Bryn, Reuben and Lucas 1st ?
Henry and Casey 1st ?
Hannah and Sophie 1st ?
Sophia and Shayla 3rd ?
Natasha and Emily 1st ?
Isabel Emma and Emily 1st ?

Well done gymnasts and coaches! – Good luck to our elite acrobats in Maia!


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