Spelthorne Acro Cup 2019

Last weekend Spelthorne hosted the second Spelthorne Acro Cup. It was a weekend of acrobatics for all levels, from grade 1 to senior competitors, with clubs from up and down the country wanting to join in and showcase their talent. After the success of last year’s first ever Acro Cup, we were excited to host the event once again.

BG Score were back to livestream and to provide live scoring of the event, the biggest ever panel of judges and of course all of the gymnasts and coaches. We also had a huge number of staff and volunteers, volunteering their services, whom without we would not of had an event.. the sea of pink helping the weekend to go as smooth as possible. It was not just us who thought they were fab too, so many comments and messages from other clubs, supporters and attendees of how welcoming and helpful our team of pink are! So thank you!!

Our gymnasts, staff and helpers arrived promptly Saturday morning to begin the weekend, with our younglings kicking off the competition. Spelthorne had a huge team ready to compete and show 2019 that they mean business. Over 90 gymnasts across the two days made Spelthorne proud, amongst some huge talent from other clubs too. Clubs we were very lucky to have join us for a weekend of competition, it was a privilege to compete against some of the countries finest, but more importantly to battle it out- just as we aim to do throughout 2019. Thank you for everyone who joined us and made the competition possible, without all of you there, there would be no competition.

We were graced with young talent from other clubs, but of course we were super excited to see all of our young ones on the floor. Spelthorne’s future stars, who come in huge numbers took to the floor. Pink was definitely the colour of the weekend… along with a pool of bronze, silver and golds. Our young squads have been working hard to make sure their routines were ready for the floor, confident and poised performances shone with the crowds, parents and judges alike.
Normally when our young squads compete they are part of an invitational or attending regional competitions but the Spelthorne Cup was a lovely event to allow all of our gymnasts to support each other and compete alongside each other. It was lovely for our younger gymnasts to have their role models watching them and having a chance to compete at the same competition… making it a huge team, family event 🙂

Across the Saturday and Sunday we had our age group and senior partnerships take to the floor. For them it was their final practice competition before the international competitions start next week. They had a huge test to make sure their routines were ready, along with new partnerships, new grades, injuries and other set backs, they performed solid routines.
Our 11-16 gymnasts had a tough competition, with 27 partnerships across the disciplines it was never going to be plain sailing. The clubs they performed against, not making it easy for them.. showing experience, confidence and equally difficult routines, it came down to who could hold out and add that little extra on the day.

Our 12-18 categories also had a challenge ahead of them. All of the gymnasts competed last season at 11-16, adding extra pressure. Our women’s group, a new partnership and new level, were favourites of the weekend with 3 entertaining routines that the judges loved- securing them the gold!
Our new men’s pair also scored highly with the judges, Gold across Tempo and Balance. A great boost for them ahead of Maia and the international stage.
Our Men’s Four and Women’s Pair also had a lot to prove. Known for being excellent performers and with world medals and titles against their names, they wanted to continue with excellence. Injuries from the women’s pair had put a few set backs in training leading up to the competition, but as always they performed high scoring routines. Both Partnerships putting scores down which they know can be improved upon as the season continues. Congratulations to all of them and good luck for the rest of the season.

With the ever growing talent from Spelthorne, we also had two partnerships compete at the 13-19 Age Group category. A challenge for both partnerships to maintain the stamina and power for 3 routines, although not without fault they were routines showing a lot of potential. A wobbly start put behind them, instead even more determination to do better and take home a medal. Sophie and Jack taking the silver and the Men’s Four Taking the Gold. The Men’s four competing in a new partnership and a higher level, showing increasingly stronger routines and performances… we are excited to see their progression throughout the year.

If that wasn’t enough we have more more partnership to talk about. A Senior Men’s Pair who deserve some hype!
These boys have worked together for many years, during their career, they have travelled the world competing together. Starting off with National, International, European and also World Championships, they have always been ones to watch. Not just because of the level of difficultly they perform but because of the spirit they bring to the floor. The joy they bring to crowds and judges. They always bring a performance level just as high as their difficulty level. They are the favourites of many, when it comes to watching crowd pleasing routines. Beaming smiles and eyes fixated on the boys’ captivating routines (Choreographed beautifully by Ellie Cooper). To be able to perform at Senior Level this February and go on to win the gold medal and highest score across all FIG partnerships was a title well deserved. From competing as a Men’s Pair, they transitioned to a Men’s Four which did not come without difficulty. Making a decision only a few months ago to train again as a men’s pair, but, jumping up through the age categories to the highest in the field was tough to say the least. To relearn the balancing act they once had as a pair and then to add in a whole lot more difficulty in such a short space of time was phenomenal. They performed 3 faultless routines… and those routines are quick! They do not show any signs of tiring when somersaulting and twisting, instead they maintain smiles, performance level and execution. A HUGE CONGRATS BOYS! We wish you the best of luck on the senior stage and know you will do us proud… keep smiling 😉

After two very long days, we had a lot to be proud of… so many medals and trophies!

Grade 1 Men’s Pair:

Nightingale, Sampson GOLD

Grade 1 Mixed Pair:

Gabita, Wright GOLD

Grade 1 Women’s Pair:

Bristow, Exon GOLD
Philips, Silvestri

Grade 2 Men’s Group:

Ansell, McErmott, Rawlinson, Wilkinson GOLD

Grade 2 Men’s Pair:

Matthiessen, Sharman BRONZE

Grade 2 Women’s Group:

Greenwood, Norfolk, Gladstone GOLD
Biddle, Biddle, Cranefield SILVER
Howard, Richardson, Monks BRONZE
Carroll, Keeble, Williamson
Haynes, Nickless, Quinn

Grade 2 Women’s Pair:

Carr, Gunner BRONZE
Cudlipp, Taylor

Grade 3 Men’s Group:

Baker, Jordan, Lee, Nickless GOLD

Grade 3 Mixed Pair:

Jaggers, Norman GOLD

Grade 3 Women’s Group:

Neighbour, Neighbour, Pallet

Grade 3 Women’s Pair:

Exon, Noyce
Nelson, West
Nelson, West
Aniculaesei, Ellis-Philip
Farraj, McKenzie
Baxter, Wietecha

Grade 4 Women’s Group:

Eales, Jones, Norfolk BRONZE
Brown, Norfolk, Taylor

Grade 5 Women’s Group:

Carr, Mattiessen, Samler

Grade 5 Women’s Pair:

Bray, Exon GOLD

Youth Women’s Pair:

Noyce, Simms GOLD

11-16 Mixed Pair:

Axford, West GOLD

11-16 Women’s Group:

Howell, Nelson, Sharman
Sampson, Sheehan, Wells

12-18 Men’s Group:

Clegg, Turner, Gold, Watson GOLD

12-18 Men’s Pair:

Law, Collier GOLD

12-18 Women’s Group:

Bird, Bulman, Simmons GOLD

12-18 Women’s Pair:

Carpenter, Yates GOLD

13-19 Men’s Group:

Crawford, Holbrook, Lothian, Morris-Hunt GOLD

13-19 Mixed Pair:

Lynch, Reynolds SILVER

Senior Men’s Pair:

Gray, Windows GOLD


Frazer and Finlay new combined:) xx

Posted by Ellie Cooper Choreography on Monday, 25 February 2019

Lots more to come and still a long way to go but some new routines:) xx

Posted by Ellie Cooper Choreography on Sunday, 24 February 2019


Ellie Jolie Ruby Tempo ????‍♀️

Posted by Ellie Cooper Choreography on Wednesday, 27 February 2019

  • A few routines for you, choreographed by Ellie Cooper.
  • Photography as always by the wonderful Paul Watts.

Thank you to all of the gymnasts for continuing to make us proud, all of the clubs and coaches that joined us in a great weekend. To all of our amazing friends, family, staff and volunteers to whom we could not of had such a smooth running weekend!

See you all next year for a bigger and better show! Also good luck to all of our gymnasts heading to Maia next week!


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