Christmas Competition

Although things around us may be wrapping up for Christmas, (like the last gym sessions this week and probably for most of you, the last days of school this week too) gymnasts never completely stop!

So just because you may not be at gym, it doesn’t mean you cannot be practising! ? Christmas holidays are a great way to relax and enjoy some time off, but a life without a teeny-weeny bit of gymnastics would be boring right?

Just like the summer we want to see you practicing. Send us photos of how you are enjoying Christmas and when and where you are getting some practice in. It can be in festive clothing, out in the snow, (if we get any more ?) on holiday, anything you like.. be creative! We would like to seeing you stretching or conditioning in front of the TV, whilst reading a book, doing homework or whatever you get up to? If you can get your tree in or sneak in some decorations you may get bonus points 😀


Send media to by 03.01.2017 for a chance to be featured on the blog!

For now, here are our 12 photos of Christmas to get you started:


Just one last thing to say, have a very Happy and Healthy Christmas and New Year!



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