Club Champs and our gymnasts of June!

June was Club Champs month and a very exciting one for us, it was the first one in our new home- so of course everyone was buzzing. With Spelthorne’s members growing by the day, it was a huge event so needed a lot of man power and a whole weekend to allow everyone to compete. We had a variety of categories, splitting the ages, abilities and genders to allow everyone the best chance of standing on the podium.

We began on the Saturday, our gymnasts performing a variety of routines across different disciplines including floor, trampette and vault. But not only was it the gymnasts working hard, but our team of judges, helpers and coaches inside the gym and staff in the cafe keeping the masses hydrated and fed to survive the weekend of competition.

We love hosting events in the gym, it is a chance for our gymnasts to shine and a chance for everyone to get together. Club champs is one of our favourites, the annual event allows all gymnasts a chance at competing, a chance to show off their ability and skills they have learnt over the year, and a confidence boost, competing solo in front of an audience. Giving everyone a goal to work towards.

Congratulations to all of our gymnasts, you have all worked very hard over the past few months to prepare your routines. Thank you to all our coaches and helpers too for all of the preparation to make the event a success.

Below are the results from each category, with so many medals and trophies we couldn’t choose a gymnast of the month for June… so instead a huge congratulations to all of our medallists!


Club Champs Winners


Reception Group 1

1st – Sara Vasielevska

2nd – Emily Laszlo

3rd – Liyania Ijaz


Reception Group 2

1st – Jonah Miles

2nd – Harjun Gill

3rd – Nathaniel Neilan


Reception Group 3

1st – Samisksha Kashyap

2nd – Rebecca Kay Bachour

3rd – Evie Cope


Reception Group 4

1st – Theo Biddle

2nd – Alexsandrina Jachowski

3rd – Hannah Glanville


Year 1 Group 1 

1st – Grace Campion

2nd – Eva Samms

3rd – Molly Amor


Year 1 Group 2

1st – Sienna Montemarano-Lock

2nd – Charlotte East

3rd – Angel Naydenova


Year 1 Group 3

1st – Alice Searle

2nd – Erin O’Brian

3rd  – Klara Wolanska


Year 2 Group 1

1st – Mia Grace Garfield

2nd – Lila Middleton

3rd – Jasmine Anderson-Gibbs


Year 2 Group 2

1st – Abigail Gully

2nd – Isabelle Green

3rd – Ella Oldfield


Year 2 Group 3

1st – Grace Jacoby

2nd – Jesse Witmore

3rd – Caleb Spencer


Year 2 Group 4

1st – Saachi Narula

2nd – Imogen Hare

3rd – Dotty Pillinger Snook


Year 3 Group 1

1st – Pauline Karas

2nd – Sophie Hales

3rd – Olivia Hewson


Year 3 Group 2

1st – Jagoda Godlewska

2nd – Olivia Arguirova

3rd – Anna Raccah-Griffin


Year 3 Group 3

1st – Ava Broom

2nd – Katy Essery-Parker

3rd – Phoebe Kolb


Year 4 Group 1

1st – Genevive Quenet

2nd – Isabella Zenonos

3rd – Anastasia Kindrat


Year 4 Group 2 

1st – Darcie Whitmore

2nd – Roksana Blaszkowicz

3rd – Luke Jones


Year 4 Group 2

1st – Emma Marshall

2nd – Samantha Romero-Flores

3rd – Eva Reed


Year 5 Group 1 

1st – Heidi Staff

2nd – Sophia Webb

3rd – Fiza Ali Zaidi


Year 5 Group 2

1st – Victoria Gierczak

2nd – Evie Joslin

3rd – Lexie Plumeret


Year 6 

1st – Isabel Allen

2nd – Ellie Bennett

3rd – Alfie Sumer



1st – Leah Purdey

2nd – Madeline Jones

3rd – Kryzstof Karas


Additional Needs

1st – Sophie Mccan

1st – George Godfrey

1st – Matthew O’Mara-Baldwin


Girls Intermediate 


Reception Group 1

1st – Lucia Martineau

2nd – Isabella Barratt

3rd – Sapphire Godefroid


Reception Group 2

1st – Sienna How

2nd – Imogen Faraj

3rd – Alice Barker


Year 1 

1st – Brianna Chambers

2nd – Abigail Muller

3rd – Indi Guy


Year 2 Group 1

1st – Erin Fisher

2nd – Evie Thomson

3rd – Elise Terweiden


Year 2 Group 2

1st – Olivia Dale

2nd – Olive Le Geyt

3rd – Katharine Polipartov


Year 3 

1st – Lakshmi Petken

2nd – Alicia Sphinx

3rd – Aime Sears


Year 4

1st – Kacie Robinson

2nd – Lauren Veinot

3rd – Yuki Marmoto


Year 5

1st – Daisy Gregory

2nd – Sofia Fillali

3rd – Sofiya Histrova


Year 6

1st – Jemima Martin

2nd – Tolly Lawlor

3rd – Rachel Hunt


Boys Intermediate


Group 1

1st – Aiden Maddocks

2nd – Daniel Sealy

3rd – Stephaun Wiggins


Group 2 

1st – Ethan Gedi

2nd – George Quinn

3rd – Joe Lucas


Group 3 

1st – Stanley Amor

2nd – Harry Hibbs




Pre-Advance 1

1st – Yuna Kim

2nd – Emma Hornibrook

3rd – Layla Janhunen


Pre-Advance 2

1st – Ross Norsworthy

2nd – Mia Cousins

3rd – Jessica Barr


Junior Advanced

1st – Gracie-Ella Walker

2nd – Summer Prendergast

3rd – Eleanor Hitchcock


Senior Advanced

1st – Lucy Bullamore

2nd – Leah Roddericks

3rd – Kaysie Burgess



Minis (boys)

1st – Blake Mills

2nd – Isaac Smith

3rd – Tommy Walker


Minis (girls)

1st – Lola Bird

2nd – Rachel Sommer

3rd – Rhia Lunn


Advanced Minis (boys year 1)

1st – Casey Matthiessen

2nd – Xavier Banua-Wilding

3rd – Reuben Ansell


Advanced Minis (girls year 1)

1st – Isabella Schweizer

2nd – Dollie Holt

3rd – Cassie Quinn


Advanced Minis Year 2

1st – Ciara Donaghey

2nd – Maddison Gabita

3rd – Isabella Parsons




​Group 1

1st – Olivia Barlow

2nd – Kenna Ellis-Philip

3rd – Rafferty Regan


Group 2

1st – Olivia Smith

2nd – Jessica Nelson

3rd – Shayla Phillips


Group 3

1st – Izabella Barua-Wilding

2nd – Amelia Newman

3rd – Bryn Wilkinson




Club Grades (bases) Group 1

1st – Ellie Baxter

2nd – Hannah West

3rd – Olivia Norfolk


Club Grades (bases) Group 2

1st – Alice Greenwood

2nd – Jessie Suarez

3rd – Keira Taylor


Club Grades (tops)

1st – Alissa-Tilly Tubb

2nd – Ethan Jordan

3rd – Ava Pallett


Junior Grades (bases) Group 1

1st – Ruby Bray

2nd – Ella Nelson

3rd – Rosie Anne Carr


Junior Grades (bases) Group 2

1st – Emma Jones

2nd – Alexis Biddle

3rd – Gemma Biddle


Junior Grades (bases) Group 3

1st – Abi Nickless

2nd – Harley Richardson

3rd – Abi Nickless


Junior Grades (tops) Group 1

1st – Amy Exon

2nd – Chloe Wells

3rd – Lily Sharman


Junior Grades (tops) Group 2 

1st – Eddie Wright

2nd – Sidney Baker

3rd – Evie Jaggers


Highest Scores (trophy winners)


General Round 1 – Darcie Whitmore

General Round 2 – Leah Purdey

Girls Intermediate – Daisy Gregory

Boys Intermediate – Stanley Amor

Advanced – Gracie-Ella Walker

Minis/Preps – Isabella Schweizer

Grades (Imtech Cup) – Ruby Bray

A huge thank you to Paul Watts for photographing the event.. lovely photos as always! 🙂





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