Grades Group Kick Starting January!

So last weekend was the first performance of the year, our Grades Group easing us in to January and getting rid of those January blues with a stunning performance. The ever growing Grades Group looked strong and mighty in the Elmsleigh Centre in Staines (possibly more gymnasts than shoppers!). They showed off their acrobatic moves with their partners in group routines and also wowed crowds by somersaulting through the air .. in the trampette routine of course!

For anyone who hasn’t seen the performance area, it is not that big and the floor underneath is SOLID so a brave performance, well it was nothing for our gymnasts, they are very professional and easily adapt to whatever environment they are given- anyway the smiles on their faces hide any fear they may have 🙂

Hopefully there was someone in the crowd who has not seen us in action before, or maybe someone that has and is now even more eager to join us? Not only are displays such as these great for us to show off and get some experience in front of the crowds but it also helps to promote the sport that we all love.

Well done grades for doing your bit for acro and team Spelthorne 😉 now back to the gym to prepare for the first competition of the year- Hollington Invitational this weekend. Good Luck to everyone going!! 🙂


Here are some of the fab photos for you to enjoy:



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