Welcome to 2018!

Welcome Back and Happy New Year! 🙂

This year is going to be BIGGER and BETTER than last year, we can feel it 😀

We hope you have all had a lovely Christmas and New Year. A chance to recharge the batteries and indulge a little.

Thank you for all your media over the Christmas period, we are very happy you have been practicing! Even though the break may seem short, it is important to do a bit of stretching as your muscles do stiffen up quickly when rested completely. So well done 🙂

Here is a selection from those received.. ?

Not just at home, but practicing on holiday too… I can’t imagine it was easy cartwheeling in all that gear!


Now January is upon us, it is back to training and competition. No time to ease in gently, we have our elite gymnasts attending world trials at the end of January. Then February plays host to the Spelthorne Acrobatic Cup, followed by our first trip to Stoke of the year and the acrobatic championships and then the first international competition of the year!  Starting as we mean to go on.. busy and competition ready!

2018, a year to improve on the success of last year and we look forward to spending it with you! ?


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