Spelthorne Acrobatic Cup

Last weekend we played host to the Spelthorne Acrobatic Cup. It was a first for us but all the hard work from the staff and helpers made for a successful weekend of competition. You never know how well something will run when you are trying it out for the first time, of course we have hosted competitions before, but never on this scale. It was an exciting atmosphere, the first event in our new home… a chance to show off what a FAB gym we have. Everyone was very complementary of how impressive the gym looked, so our smiles just got bigger. Not only did the gym look very professional with the set up but the attendance of Pro photographers and British Gymnastics at the event for livestreaming of the event and BG scoring made the event feel a lot more important and professional.

The team of helpers behind the scenes did not go unnoticed either, comments from other clubs and photographers on the amazing support network Spelthorne has, it was lovely to hear and see so THANK YOU to everyone that helped to make the event a success, from the staff in the kitchen and cafe to the car park staff, those helping chaperone around the gym and provide help for all attendees and everyone in between.

So the event… We had by far the largest number of gymnasts competing. Our younger gymnasts competing in their first ever Acro comps, to the elite getting in another practice before the British Championships.

Well done to everyone who took part, we are very proud to see you all compete and represent Spelthorne.. our biggest ever team across multiple disciplines, showing the ever growing success of the club.

So the Results:

Grade 1 MxP:

Jaggers, Sharman: Silver

Grade 1 WP:

Carr, Suarez: Silver

Cudlipp, Taylor: Bronze

Grade 2 MP:

Jordan, Norman: Silver

Grade 2 WG:

Biddle, Haynes, Mathiessen: Silver

Grade 2 WP:

Exon, Mckenzie: Silver

Tubb, West: Bronze

Grade 3 MP:

Baker, Lee: Bronze

Grade 3 WG:

Ansell, Sanders, Wells: Gold – Highest score of Grade 3!!

Grade 4 WG:

Miles, Sheehan, Taylor: Bronze

Grade 4 WP:

Bray, Exon: Gold – Highest score of Grade 4!!

Youth Age Category:

Nelson, West: Gold

Biddle, Carr, Sampson: Silver

Edghill, Samler, Sharman: Bronze

11-16 MG:

Clegg, Gold, Turner, Watson: Gold

11-16 MP:

Collier, Morris-Hunt: Gold

11-16 MxP:

Bird, Law: Silver

11-16 WG:

Bulman, Simmons, Dubery-Coupe: Gold

11-16 WP:

Carpenter, Yates: Gold

Wilkinson, Exon: SIlver

12-18 MG:

Axford, Crawford, Robinson, Patrick-Lothian: Gold

12-18 WP:

Schuber, Turner – Highest Score of 12-18!!

13-19 MP:

Windows, Gray: Gold – Highest Score of Juniors!!

13-19 MxP:

Lynch, Reynolds: Silver

Senior Mens Pair:

Tate, Upcott: Gold – Highest Score of Seniors!!


Congratulations once again to all of our medallists and trophy winners, and to all our other gymnasts not listed who competed great routines in very tough categories, narrowly missing out on medal spots.

And once again Thank You PAUL WATTS for incredible photos! 🙂

February is only just getting started, one comp down and plenty more to go..tumbling for some of our gymnasts, followed by the British Championships, then our first international of the year, Maia Cup.

If by the time we reach the end of Feb and you are not tired from the first jam packed term of gymnastics remember our Half Term Club is running, sign up to attend our Gymnastics Camp in the holidays!! 🙂


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