Gymnast of the month for December…

For December we thought we would mix it up a little, after such a successful year we found it was too difficult to choose one gymnast to highlight for December. Therefore we decided to recognise the achievements of multiple gymnasts, those who all won awards at the recent Christmas Displays. Our Christmas displays always seem […]

Thank You Mike Coombs!

As you already know the fundraising team are always behind the scenes supporting the club. Not only with raising money but giving their time at events, such as the displays we have just had. They are busy not only on the night, but just like the coaches and gymnasts, weeks and months before preparing to […]

Throwback Thursday – Our Photo Hero

We are very lucky to have someone as dedicated to the gym as Paul Watts, not only does he attend competitions to shoot some amazing photography but also is there at events and rehearsals, and most recently at our Christmas displays. Paul has a great eye for action photography and provides the club with stunning […]

Christmas Displays

Somehow it has already been a week since the Christmas displays. Not only was it a busy week leading up to the shows with dress rehearsals, but a busy few months of preparation .. then, it was over just like that! However, thanks to the gymnasts, coaches, support teams, fundraisers, staff and of course the […]

The Gymnast of the month for November is…

It barely feels like 5 minutes, since the last time we were doing “gymnast of the month”, but already it is time for November’s gymnast! The gymnast chosen for November is someone who has been a part of Spelthorne Gymnastics for many years. Starting as a very shy pre-schooler, working her way up through the […]

Christmas is coming!

Somehow December has caught up on us, it is December 1st tomorrow! Which also means the Christmas displays start tomorrow! YAY…:-D How have you been preparing for Christmas, are your decorations up yet? Are you as excited as we are? (Our Preschoolers are very excited!).. When we were based in Ashford, preparation as you know […]

We need your help!

Although the preparation for the Christmas shows are in full swing we still need help with the finishing touches. As you know the Fundraising Team are busy working behind the scenes, helping to pull off another great show. They help with everything from selling tickets, producing programmes, arranging stalls, selling food and drink on the […]

Wrapping up the 2017 competition season with more medals!

November has been just like every other month for our coaches and gymnasts…BUSY! Not only juggling training with competitions but also the addition of Christmas routines! Last weekend wrapped up the final competition before the Christmas shows, we had four partnerships compete at the Pat Wade Classic. It is a great competition that unites clubs from up and down the UK. It is a great stage for […]

Super Saturdays and Sundays

Last weekend we had three partnerships head up north to Yorkshire, to start off their competition season. Ellie, Jolie and Zemirah, Ethan and Ruby and Abbey and Hannah all getting a chance to show off their routines. These partnerships have grown in talent, maturity and performance on the floor, all showing off their different personalities […]

October’s Gymnast of the month is…

So it’s that time of the month again…. you may remember us starting “Gymnast of the month” last month, with George being our September winner. With such positive feedback from the new competition we decided it was a must to continue with it. We had lovely feedback from George and his family, on what a […]